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Murmr RBF Crowdfunding Platform

Murmr is a P2P crowd-funding platform that combines crowdfunding and revenue-based financing to finance early-stage social ventures. Click to see the explanatory video.

Interactive Analysis Tool

The Red Butte Watershed Project was funded by a grant from Chevron. In 2008, a pipeline carrying oil across the foothills of the Wastach to the North Salt Lake refinery burst, dumping thousands of gallons of oil into Red Butte Creek, a reservoir that serves as both a pristine research area and as the urban drinking supply for Salt Lake City. Commissioned by the University of Utah Biology Department, the project creates a platform for Biology classes to accumulate data for long-term analysis.

MSI US Freeride Tour

The MSI Freeskiing World Tour has multiple big mountain events worldwide. Produced and created daily coverage of US Big Mountain Freeskiing event in Telluride, CO. 2009 for Mountain Sports International.

Apses-Ski show on Plum TV

Plum TV was an American broadcast television network that targeted vacation communities like Telluride, CO. The Apres-Ski Show was a weekly 1-hr TV episode on local events and happenings. Produced, created, directed and edited weekly.

Salt Lake County 7th Ann. Watershe

Created and produced the Keynote Visual presentation for the SLCO 7th Annual Watershed Symposium.

Italian Lakes Trip

National Geographic named Ryder-Walker Alpine Adventures one of the “Top Ten Best Outfitters on the Planet” for hiking and trekking. The Italian Lakes trip above started as an idea and is now one of the best selling Ryder-Walker trips.

Last Rush for the Wild West

A film about Tar Sands, Oil Shale and the American Frontier. Last Rush for the Wild West exposes how impending tar sands and oil shale strip mining would destroy massive, pristine landscapes in Utah and devastate the already imperiled Colorado River watershed. ​The foreign corporation behind America’s very first tar sands strip mine is gearing up and claiming they will begin to produce fuel in early 2017.

US National Abilities Center

The National Ability Center empowers individuals of all abilities by building self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills through sport, recreation and educational programs. Produced and created event coverage content for fundraising and branding purposes for the National Abilities Center in Park City, Utah.

Fatali Fine Art

Fatali Fine Art uses big format imagery to capture the beauty of nature. Produced and created event content assets for future use in promotional and branding purposes.

Bidder 70

From the Film Synopis: "Bidder 70 centers on an extraordinary, ingenious and effective act of civil disobedience demanding government and industry accountability. In 2008, University of Utah economics student Tim DeChristopher committed an act which would redefine patriotism in our time, igniting a spirit of civil disobedience in the name of climate justice." Click to view the trailer. Full version is available on Worked as sound and visual production.

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